BLE system monitoring

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System Monitoring provides the ability to monitor a global overview of all beacons, check its status, view a facility map with every beacons location, and search for a specific beacon on the map.

“Global Overview” allows the user to view every facility associated with their company, view total amount/type of devices installed for each project and view global totals.


  1. Select “System Monitoring” from the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Select “Global Overview”.

NOTE:  Search a specific facility either by clicking the header you wish to sort and typing its information you wish to filter or using the bar on the right on the right of the screen to scroll down.

  • Select a facility’s name to change Dashboard project.
  • Scroll down to view “Global Totals”.

Global Totals will give you a total global overview for all beacons, Gateways, buttons, battery status and device failures.

Beacon Monitoring

  1. Select “System Management” from the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Select “Beacon Monitoring”.

A list of all beacons attached to your project will be displayed in table with the following information:

  • Status
  • ID(Alias)
  • Beacon ID
  • Major and Minor
  • TX Power/Interval
  • Location (checked off when used for location purposes)
  • Firmware
  • Building and floor
  1. The status of a beacon and additional data will be displayed only after you have successful used the Beacon Maintenance app to upload data to the CMS server. On the left-hand side of each individual beacon ID there is a battery icon.  If the battery icon is green; the data for that beacons has been uploaded the system correctly.

Click on a beacon ‘Alias’ and you will see data for that beacon. 

  1. You can also verify that beacons are active by selecting ‘Show Map’ after select the floor you wish to view.

Active beacons and its location will be displayed in light green and de-active beacons will be displayed in light gray. Select a light green dot to see a specific beacon major, minor, alias id, notes, batter level, Tx power and Interval.

  1. To see where a particular beacon is placed on the map, on the main page in ‘Beacon Management’ and locate the beacon on the table, select under the ‘Show on Map’ column. 

  1. Use the ‘filter options” to locate a particular beacon or group. You can also search for a beacon using the ID(Alias) filter.

Rules & Events

  1. Select “System  Monitoring” from the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Select “Rules & Events”.
  3. Filter Event logs or Rules to find a specific incident.
  4. To add a new rule, Select the green “Add Rule” icon.

The following menu should appear:

  • Select rule category. Ex Battery level
  • Add notes if necessary.
  • Set a frequency by selecting a response time and date.