Polygonal areas

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Polygonal Areas gives you the ability to define zones for multiple uses such as showing space availability (resource booking, and availability visualization).

1. Select “Mapping Engine” from the left-hand navigation panel.
2. Select “Polygonal Areas” to Add or Edit.

The following will be displayed:

Select the “Draw a polygon” to define unique shapes/open areas for spaces such as offices or café.

Select “Draw a rectangle” to define perfectly rectangle shapes for spaces.



In “Polygon Settings” fill out the following:

Polygon Name = POI title

Polygon Type = Resource Booking (used for all office types), Neighborhoods (used to cover large areas for occupancy Overview).


Params “ID Type” always = “poid” and “ID” always = value of associated with POI that belongs with the space.


You can find the “POI ID” in “Mapping Engine” >  “Points of Interest” > “POI Management”.

  • Select desired facility.
  • Select desired floor.
  • Select desired POI on map.
  • Copy and paste POI ID in Polygon Settings in “ID” field.