Text Labels

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Text Labels allows you to create and manage labels that define sections. These sections might include departments, rooms and other possible sections within a building.


  1. Select “Text Labels” from the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Select a Facility > Building > Floor> Language.
  3. Select “Create label” icon. Once selected, you can select an area on the map that you want label. 


  1. Click and drag the area you want to label and a border will appear.
  2. Using the tools below you are able to edit Font Family, Front color, background color, Border Color, and Border Size.

NOTE:  Once a label has been made, you are able to rotate it by selecting the “Edit layers” icon below the “Create label” icon. Once “Edit layer” is selected, you can click on a label to begin editing. You can also resize it. Also, once the label is made you will see it in the “List of Labels”.