Location providers

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Spreo’s integration with third-party location provides delivers added value by providing enhanced mapping and location awareness. While this document speaks specifically on Spreo’s integration with Mist, the integration points described here are true for any IPS/location mapping solution for any large venue/campus.

Integration with Mist

Mist provides location services based on pre-loaded services of high-definition maps, as well as zone definition and other system management tasks. Spreo expands the solution to include a mapping and navigation engine, and a map creation and UI design to target mobile, web and Kiosk users. Also, Spreo specifically layers maps onto the real world, which gives the ability to locate users outdoors as well as allow maps to function under slow connection or low zoom levels. These are a few of the many ways that Spreo’s integration bolsters Mist’s location services:

  • A mapping and navigation engine that is completely integrated to the Mist location services with ability to work on slow connection infrastructure
  • Highly customizable and dynamic CMS system to attach layers of data on map
  • Automatic optimized updating mechanism
  • Step by step navigation
  • State of the art client facing maps
  • Full utilization of the Mist location infrastructure
  • Geofencing Mechanism to allow smart application business logic based on user Micro location
  • Support for multi language and voice instructions
  • Updated fast retrieval mapping and navigation solution for a mobile app
  • User restriction on premises only
  • Employees mobile efficiency solution
  • Server to server Mist Integration and fast editing capabilities
  • Integration and Geo Coordinate translation and occupancy data for all relevant third party Apps (i.e. EMS, Comfi,parking)
  • On map Occupancy and Booking analytics and data query capabilities
  • Geofence triggering mechanism
  • Map creation, Testing and installation support
  • Product customization and development support