Management software

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SPREO integrates with management systems at various data points. SPREO’s platform can serve as the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for many aspects of management systems.


Integration of SPREO’s mapping platform with Ellucian enables colleges to deliver a mapping platform that incorporates personalized information. SPREO links a user’s course details, events, appointments, and/or classes to physical spaces and points of interest (POIs) to allow wayfinding to important areas across and through large buildings and campuses easy and intuitive.

EPIC Systems

Clients can update their facility details through SPREO’s Content Management System (CMS) and, as the SSOT, SPREO ensures that data updates are comprehensively distributed to all database constituents within an overall data architecture.

Healthcare practitioners have access to digital representation of room usage and patient flow. This data is obtained through the synthesis of data extracted from our RTLS and hospital records that are stored on the Epic management system.

Through tools such as in-app push-notifications and routing, SPREO allows patients and visitors to receive personalized information specifically relevant to their appointments. This includes an all-inclusive wayfinding experience centered on a user’s visit.