Mobile software development kit (SDK)

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SDK (Software Development Kit)

Spreo’s Software Development Kit (SDK) allows our Indoor Positioning and Mapping Platform solutions to be integrated into already-existing mobile applications or into new app projects undertaken by your internal or external development teams. Our SDK is available for iOS, Android and Xamarin for cross-platform implementation.

Our SDK gives your development team full control over the user interface and user experience so that they can build a solution that fits your company culture, branding and style.

We provide detailed documentation code snippets, and full support to get your project started.

SDK UI (User Inteface) Module

Spreo’s SDK UI Module solution provides a completely pre-built user interface and user experience package that simplifies the integration of Spreo’s SDK into your existing mobile applications. We supply the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) in a complete package, saving your development team the time and resources needed to interpret and implement code. Spreo can also handle the integration into your mobile app from start to finish.

Third-party application  frameworks 

Spreo integrates with and modifies necessary code to work with mobile applications built with frameworks such as Xamarin or React Native.