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Exercising the same technology that enables geofencing and zone detection, SPREO’s platform offers the ability to compose zones on indoor floor plans, collect occupancy statistics for these zones, and synthesize the collected data into heatmaps and charts.


A zone is a series of connected vertices that create a shape on a venue map. Zones are created to segment indoor maps into defined areas that are useful to specific use cases. Platform administrators can frame any allotment of zones into any shape or size that can also overlap, from which a client can then collect location-based analytics from specified zones. Common practices include creating zones for departments, common areas, and meeting rooms.

Data Collection

Zone technology paired with the IPS (indoor positioning system) collects location-based data such as occupancy, dwell times, and space utilization for each defined zone. The data is compiled into a database that is accessible on SPREO’s CMS dashboard and raw data is made available for third-party data visualization tools.SPREORealtime Occupancy

Reports: Heatmaps/Charts

SPREO synthesizes location-based data to provide useful information:

  • Real-time occupancy
  • Routing and historical occupancy heatmaps
  • Dwell times
  • Number of visits
  • Vacancy statistics
  • Custom reporting
  • SDK and web usage analytics