Resource booking, space scheduling, hoteling and hot-desking

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This document describes the expected functionalities and user experience available through the integration of SPREO’s platform with resource booking systems (RBS) such as available in Microsoft Exchange.

SPREO does not provide RBS capabilities, but only provides a map-centric user interface(UI) and user experience (UX) for an existing system that is already in use within a client’s organization. SPREO augments RBS systems with indoor location technology and/or the mapping engine by providing mapping-based booking.

General RBS Integration Functionality

SPREO’s mapping platform, when paired with an RBS system, can provide users the ability to:

  • View current status (available/not available) of reservable spaces on an indoor map:
  • Search for available spaces using categories, keywords and filters
  • Attach details of reservable spaces including amenities and images
  • Reserve a space (create an event)
    • Name the event
    • Define the time, date, and duration of the event
    • Add other people
      • When another user is added, the user could be notified via email and an event will be added to their calendar (if the RBS or scheduling system provides this)
  • View a personal calendar
    • See events they created
    • Delete events
    • Navigate to an event from the calendar
  • Navigate to reservable spaces
    • step-by-step navigation or
    • static wayfinding

Visualizing Reservable Spaces on a Map

Visualizing reservable spaces on a floor map is achieved by integrating reservable spaces within the RBS system with a POI in the SPREO system, and defining a “polygonal area” within the SPREO CMS. These polygonal areas can be represented on user-facing interfaces such as a mobile app, web interface, or kiosk with pre-determined colors which can be manipulated based on the status of that area (available vs reserved). Status is checked periodically (configurable) via an API call to the RBS system.


(available meeting rooms)


(available vs reserved meeting rooms)


Meeting room checkin and hot-desking

The aforementioned polygonal zones can be used as geofence areas that will detect the presence of meeting hosts and attendees can be used for auto-checkin or to detect when the meeting has ended early (no presence detected) and open the room schedule for another meeting.

Hot-desks can automatically detect the presence of a user and mark the space as occupied which will then be displayed as unavailable on the map.